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Cables For Your Television

From HDMI to coaxial connectors, there are many different types of cables for your television. Cables are essential for connecting your media players, cable boxes, or audio systems to your TV. They may also help with connecting your TV to other external devices such as computers and video game consoles. Whether you’re replacing an old worn out cable, running a new setup, or just looking to get the best picture from your TV, it’s important to know what type of cables to use.

HDMI Cables

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables are the most common type of cable used for televisions today. It is a single cable that combines both the audio and video connections in one. HDMI provides the highest resolution signal, allowing you to get the best picture possible. For this reason, HDMI cables are often recommended for TVs, especially if they're HDTV compatible.

Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cables are round cables with an inner conductor surrounded by insulation and a grounded shield. Coaxial cables were once the main way to connect DVD players and other devices to the television. However, they are not as popular as HDMI due to their lower bandwidth and lack of high-definition support. Despite this, they are still a good option for some devices and setups.

Component Video Cables

Component video cables are composed of three separate cables for video, each with a different signal. This provides a better image quality than composite video cables. Component video cables provide support for up to 1080i HDTV resolutions. Like the coaxial cables, component video cables are not as popular as HDMI, but they are still used in certain setups.

Composite Video Cables

Composite video cables are composed of a single cable with one yellow RCA connector. They provide an analog video signal, which is much lower quality than HDMI or even component video. Composite video cables are suitable for standard definition TVs, but they should be avoided for high-definition setups.

DVI Cables

Digital Visual Interface (DVI) cables are similar to HDMI but with a few differences. DVI cables are primarily used to transmit the video signal but do not carry audio. This makes them useful for connecting a computer to a TV, but in most cases, you will need an additional audio connection. DVI cables are compatible with HDTV resolutions, so they are still a worthwhile choice for some setups.


There are many types of cables for connecting your TV to other devices. HDMI cables are the most popular choice for high-definition resolutions, while coaxial and component video cables are still viable options for some setups. DVI cables offer a digital signal for connecting computers to TVs, and composite video cables are still good for standard definition connections. Knowing which type of cable to use is important for getting the best picture and sound from your TV.

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